Training Programme


The HAIHC and its member institutes always strive for excellence in the provision of quality training programs to maintain standard of care and support service development. With reference to the multi-dimensional competence-based training framework, we develop and organize training programmes for healthcare as building blocks from basic to Intermediate and advanced levels for different ranks of staff. This structure of closely connected platforms advocates the organization of clinical training for healthcare professions at all levels and optimizes resources utilization.



 Training Programmes for New Healthcare Professionals are developed for new recruits of different professions to broaden their clinical exposure and refine their clinical practices. These programmes facilitate their early adaptation to clinical working environment and pave way for taking service challenges in HA.


  Competency Enhancement Programmes are provided for most healthcare professionals to update clinical knowledge and skills in different specialized areas of practice for safe and efficient service. We engage experienced HA healthcare professionals, commission local and overseas experts to share and exchange their expertise through different modes of learning such as lectures, workshop, simulation and work-based coaching.


 Specialty Programmes are offered for experienced healthcare professionals to enhance their capability in dealing with complex conditions in different specialty services so as to ensure the provision of high quality and effective patient care. 


 Overseas Training Programmes are offered to sponsor experienced healthcare professionals for overseas exposure to sharpen their skills, knowledge in specialized clinical areas and transforming service models with reference to overseas experience and the HA situation..


 Multi-disciplinary Programmes are developed for advocating and providing multi-disciplinary training to enhance inter-professionals understanding and collaborative practice. 


 On-line Programmes on a wide spectrum of clinical subjects are developed in HA to synergize web-base learning with other learning modes for better outcome. HAIHC have been an active promoter for the development of web-based learning to enable HA staff to learn self-paced at anytime and anywhere.  


The examples of various types of programmes are listed as follows:




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