Hospital Authority Institute of Health Care (HAIHC) is the training arm of Hospital Authority established since 1998. HAIHC operates as a corporate execution training platform for providing high quality of professional clinical training to sustain pool of adaptive and responsive professional clinical workforce for health services.


Professional Service, People-centered Care ” are the core values of Hospital Authority as we believe continuous training, development and enhancing competency of healthcare professionals will further improve patient care outcomes and will lead to staff’s greater job and career satisfaction.


As a training provider, HAIHC is committed to enhance training opportunities and to facilitate career progress for medical, nursing and allied health professional through training programs in collaboration and partnership with internal and external Training Institutions. It provides a unique training ground offering theory and practicum opportunities to health care professionals.


Our Mission

To provide quality training for Hospital Authority health care professionals to uphold standard of practice, support service development and ultimately excel their professionalism.


Our Values

Creativity, Accountability, Quality Excellence Client-centred, Partnership


Our Team

Institute of Advanced Nursing Studies (IANS) and Institute of Advanced Allied Health Studies (IAAHS) are the two member institutes of HAIHC, providing specialized and in-depth professional knowledge to nursing staff and allied health staff respectively.


To cover wide spectrum of clinical training for healthcare professionals, the HAIHC and its member institutes, the Institute of Advanced Nursing Studies (IANS) and Institute of Advanced Allied Health Studies (IAAHS), build training capacity by engaging HA internal training partners and collaborative networks from local and overseas universities and professional bodies. The HAIHC also organizes professional exchange programs to facilitate sharing of clinical practice and management across healthcare systems with strategic partners.


HA professional grade departments

HA clinical experts

Local and overseas universities

Local and overseas professional bodies

Community partners


Contact us

Room 114, 1/F, Block M, Kowloon Hospital,

147A Argyle Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Telephone: (852) 2300 7696

Facsimile: (852) 2300 8479


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