The Institute of Advanced Nursing Studies (IANS) evolved from the School of Post-basic Nursing Studies and was formally inaugurated in July 1995 with full support from the Chief Executive, Hospital Authority (HA), who is also the President of the Institute. IANS is an integral part of the Nursing Services Department (Cluster Services) of HA Head Office, and a member institute of the Hospital Authority Institute of Health Care.



As an integral part of a learning organization, the Institute of Advanced Nursing Studies (IANS) strives to elevate the standards and quality of nursing practice by facilitating the ongoing learning and professional development of all HA nursing staff.



IANS is committed to enhance the competence of nurses and the quality of care through the provision of continuing nursing education for all grades of nurses within HA.



  • To provide continuing nursing education programs that are responsive to organization needs and meet competence requirements
  • To develop tailor-made education programs to prepare nurses to meet the changing healthcare needs of their clients
  • To provide opportunities for nurses to access programs through a variety of media and flexible modes of program delivery 
  • To facilitate cross-hospital and cross-cluster endeavours in training and development of nurses within HA, including the implementation of Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) System in HA
  • To collaborate and work in partnership with local and overseas institutions / universities
  • To advise on the accreditation and benchmarking of nursing education programs with HA
  • To promote evidence-based practice to excel the quality of nursing care
  • To promote the culture of lifelong learning among nurses


Education Programs

  • A wide variety of continuing nursing education programs enhance the competence of nurses in response to service needs and facilitate the professional and career development of nurses
  • Local and international clinical experts and renowned health care professionals are invited to provide their expert input on the academic and professional standards of the education programs

    3 major types of educational programs, including

    • Specialty Nursing Certificate Courses
    • Enhancement Programs
    • e-Learning  Programs


A. Specialty Nursing Certificate Courses

The Specialty Nursing Certificate Courses aim to enhance the competence of nurses in delivering high quality of care, foster the professional development and pave the way for advanced nursing practice. These courses are specialized training for a wide-range of specialty areas. The courses are designed with outcome-based approach which consist of both theory and clinical practicum. Through structured instructional design, the specialty nursing courses are to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge and consolidation of skills of nurses.


B. Enhancement Programs

The Institute offers a wide variety of enhancement programs to strengthen the competence of nurses through continuous nursing education. The enhancement programs are characterized by the prompt response to corporate initiatives and service needs, a vast array of topics for clinical updating and provide contemporary health care practices and development.


These courses are developed for nurses in the specialty or across specialties which provide knowledge and skills from basic to advanced practices. The examples are:

  • Basic Breastfeeding Course
  • Gerontological Nursing
  • Infection Control Nursing
  • Primary Health Care Nursing
  • Wound Care Nursing


C. ELearning Programs

Web-based learning programs are characterized by the use of multi-media and interactive design. They are easily accessible, flexible and free from time and place constraints. These programs can be studied as stand-alone programs or as study units for Specialty Nursing Certificate Courses and enhancement programs and they can be accessed via the e-Learning Centre at HA Intranet (for HA Staff only) or Internet.


Mode of Training

Include a variety of training modes such as classroom-based programs, web-based programs, workshops, seminars, educational visit, simulation training and clinical practicum.


Faculty & Team

  • The IANS team comprises of experienced nurses with various nursing specialty and post-graduate qualifications and vast experiences in developing educational programs and projects.
  • The team works in partnership with experts within HA to steer the overall program design, organize teaching and learning activities and implement continuing nursing education programs.
  • Assuming a corporate identity and having a wide network and good exposure to organizational initiatives, the IANS staff promote cross-hospital and cross-discipline fertilization in staff training and development issues.


Contact us

Room 103-104 & 107, 1/F, Block M, Kowloon Hospital,
147A Argyle Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Telephone: (852) 2300 7709

Facsimile: (852) 2300 7707


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